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Annette is interested in the numinosity of surrender. 


Surrender to sleep, surrender to desire, surrender to chaos. She is not, as it turns out, the master of her own ship. So naturally she is very curious about the history of navigational systems. “How does one orient themselves to this mysterious reality?” is a burning question that starts off most mornings with a crippling existential THUD. 


Painting, writing and Dionysian encounters provide frequent solace and potential paths of surrender. 


She sees the role of the artist as something like the awkward, somehow both overly sensitive and overly aggressive outsider on a team that typically shuns them but whom everyone leans on to score when they’re losing badly. 


Her spirit animal is possibly a heavily oxidized anchor slowly slinking towards an ocean floor it never quite meets. She would like to be done with this uncomfortable sinking feeling, basically.

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